Call for conductors

The Orchestra of the Vienna University of Technology (TU Orchestra Vienna) invites applications for the musical direction of the orchestra starting in winter semester 2023/24 (with start in October 2023).

End of application period: 25.4.2023.
Please send your application either as email (documents as pdf+download link) with the subject application to,

Selection procedure

1st - Pre-selection by orchestra decision according to video and application documents.
2nd - Interviews with 8-10 candidates (May 2023)
3rd - Rehearsal with 3 - 5 candidates: Tuesday, 30.5.2023, 19:15h, TU Vienna, Freihaus lecture hall 1

Application documents: CV, meaningful video (max. 10 - 15 min.), short letter of motivation, program concept - for details see "Conditions of Participation".

*We invite all interested parties to visit us at one of the rehearsal evenings (starting 7.3.2023, usually Tuesday 19:15 TU Wien, Karlsplatz 13, 1040, Kuppelsaal 4.Stock or ask the porter).


The TU Orchestra is a large symphony orchestra and has exusted since 1984 at the Vienna University of Technology.

Traditionally, the TUO as an amateur orchestra is not a "conductor's orchestra", which is formed for decades by the same conductor, but is strongly supported by the orchestra community and the association's board. Conductors are chosen by the orchestra after a trial period, and after a trial semester are usually appointed for a maximum of 3 years.

This has proven successful for our orchestra over many years, creating the opportunity to serve as a platform for numerous aspiring conductors to gain orchestral practice, while the orchestra benefits from the different musical and didactic approaches of the conductors.

Since 2019, Paul-Boris Kertsman has led the orchestra, and for professional reasons he will relinquish the directorship at the end of the summer semester 2023.

The new position is to begin in the fall of 2023, with rehearsals beginning October 2023.

The conductors of the orchestra since its foundation in 1984:

  • Helmut Zehetner (1984 - 87)
  • Philippe Auguin (1987 - 89)
  • Ottokar Prochazka (1989 - 94)
  • Tiziano Duca (1994 - 2001)
  • Hans-Peter Manser (2001)
  • Andrés Orozco-Estrada (2001 - 04)
  • Janko Kastelic (2004 - 05)
  • Andreas Fellner (2006 - 2007)
  • Svetoslav Borisov (2007 - 2010)
  • Juan Pablo Simón (2011 - 2013)
  • Juan Sebastian Acosta (2014 - 2016)
  • Marta Gardolinska (2017 - 2018)
  • Paul-Boris Kertsman (2019-2023)

TUO Repertoire
TUO Concerts
TUO Concerts (PDF download)
TUO Concerts, Performances by Composer (PDF-Download)

Job description

The TU Orchestra is a large symphony orchestra that has been based at the Vienna University of Technology at Karlsplatz since its foundation in 1984. Rehearsals and concerts are usually held here.

The orchestra is organized as an association, conductors have to coordinate their work and wishes with the board and the voice leaders. The members of the association are recruited from graduates and students of the Vienna University of Technology as well as from other universities. An ambitious musical level is offered and demanded, whereby besides the striving for the best possible musical realization, the friendship among the musicians and the collegial contact enjoy the highest priority.

As a university orchestra, rehearsals usually take place during the semester and vacations, rehearsals take place during the study semester (lecture period) every Tuesday approx. 7 - 9:45 p.m. Traditionally, there is a large concert program in the winter and summer semesters, with concerts in December and June, and there is a rehearsal weekend before each concert. Traditionally, the TU Orchestra plays the opening of the TU Ball in the Vienna Hofburg at the end of January.

In addition to this "regular semester operation", there are special projects, such as academic celebrations, congress openings, invitations to festivals, etc., which are sometimes also conducted by guest conductors. The orchestra has also successfully performed numerous opera performances as well as concert tours.

The musical direction of the orchestra is:.

  • the selection of programs in consultation with the orchestra,
  • the organization of the rehearsal work on a musical-organizational level (setting up the sheet music with the part leaders, rehearsal schedule, possibly guest conductors for split rehearsals, etc),
  • the holding and conducting of rehearsals and concerts as well as special projects agreed upon in consultation.

Should the conductor be prevented from participating in agreed projects or rehearsals, he/she must provide an adequate substitute in good time.

The musical and didactic ability to lead a large symphony orchestra of ambitious amateurs and to organize demanding rehearsals and concerts is required. A degree in conducting is not a prerequisite. Adequate knowledge of German will facilitate the cooperation.

Expense allowance: There is a support agreement with the Rectorate of the TU Vienna, whereby the TU Orchestra can offer 1.800 Euro per study semester for the musical direction as expense allowance, as long as this agreement with the Rectorate is maintained. This amount is considered gross and will be paid to the conductor at the end of the semester. Should guest conductors have to be engaged for the regular orchestra work due to hindrances, the orchestra reserves the right to redistribute aliquot shares of this sum to the guest conductors.

Conditions of participation, formal criteria, tender procedure:

A degree in conducting is not a prerequisite for application.
Interested candidates should be able to fulfill the advertised obligations for the next 3 years.

End of application period: 25.4.2023 (postmark/email receipt)


The following documents are to be submitted - we request BRIEF and concise documents:

  • Curriculum vitae with contact details
  • Motive report (short information about the motives for the application, possible focal points/goals in keywords)
  • a meaningful video of 10 to MAXIMUM 15 minutes duration! The name of the candidate must be prefixed in the file name (e.g. maxmusterfrau001.mpeg).
    Recordings of rehearsal work are especially welcome. As downloadable links (if necessary storage medium). We would like to point out that a PREVIEW with a maximum length of 10-15 minutes is REQUIRED, uncut "monster downloads" will be eliminated.
  • a concept for a semester program in the winter semester 2023 - list of past TUO concerts for orientation: TUO concerts

Please send your application either as email (documents as pdf+download link) with the subject application to,

or by mail to:

DI Peter Ebenhöh TUO,
c/o St. Stephen's Cathedral Secretariat
Stephansplatz 3, 1010 Vienna!

If you have any questions, please send them to

Further procedure after application

The applications received will be reviewed by the orchestra, and after a preliminary selection, a shortlist of interested candidates will be invited to an interview. These interviews are conducted by members of the TU Orchestra and are intended to provide an opportunity to get to know each other personally, as well as to clarify any questions and wishes.

From the round of interviews, a group of 3-5 candidates will be invited to a rehearsal, which will take place at the end of May/beginning of June at the TU Vienna. The pieces to be performed will be announced in due time.

The orchestra will take part in the audition and will then elect a candidate by secret ballot. The result of this vote will be communicated to the candidate in a timely manner, followed by the appointment for a trial semester, which can be followed by an extension to usually up to three years of total engagement.

A contract of cooperation is concluded between the TU Orchestra and the appointed candidate.

We thank you for your interest and wish you good luck with your application!**

*The application is made at the submitter's own expense. No claims or compensation can be made to the Orchestra of the Technical University, the material will not be returned. By participating in the competition, the applicant agrees to accept these conditions.